“Within the next five years HELP-US-HELP-U, Inc., will help reduce the incidence of HIVAIDS, and improve the quality of live for those impacted by the disease, in the Tampa Bay area, by using innovation, collaboration, health literacy, social responsibility and activism.”

The following goals and priorities guide the implementation of our mission toward the realization of our vision.

  • Utilize ongoing asset-mapping, needs assessment, research and development, program planning/implementation, formative evaluation, and best practice standards to determine and address gaps in service and program effectiveness.
  • Utilize multiple varied approaches to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS.
  • Engage community in becoming health literate, and self advocates.
  • Reduce misunderstanding and stigma associated with HIV/ AIDS by utilizing education, entertainment, advocacy and activism, and social commentary to increase community awareness and social responsibility.
  • Preserve the dignity and the quality of life for individuals infected with and impacted by HIV/AIDS by creating, maintaining, and making available comprehensive resources.
  • Provide assistance, as necessary, with service access and negotiation.