HIV/AIDS Prevention

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – Prevention Programs

AIDS Community Demonstration Projects: A Successful Community-Level Intervention to Reduce HIV Risk

Designed primarily for HIV prevention community planning groups and program planners in state and local health departments, community-based organizations, and other agencies, this program provides valuable information about a peer outreach model that was successful in motivating adoption of reduced risk practices among several populations.

Advancing HIV Prevention: New Strategies for a Changing Epidemic

This initiative aims to reduce barriers to early diagnosis of HIV infection and increase access to quality medical care, treatment, and ongoing prevention services for those living with HIV.

Comprehensive Risk Counseling and Services

This Web site provide information to CBOs and health departments that are or will be implementing CRCS (formerly known as Prevention Case Management or PCM) – an intensive, individual level, client-centered risk reduction intervention for people at high risk for HIV infection or transmission.

HIV Prevention Among Injection Drug Users

Injection drug use is important in the transmission of blood borne infections (particularly HIV and hepatitis B and C). This program provides access to materials and resources developed to assist HIV prevention providers working with IDUs and their sex partners.